MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder


MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Fits all 11-17 Ford MT82 units

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MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder: Essential for Smooth Gear Engagement

Texas DriveTrain Performance is excited to offer the MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder, a critical component for ensuring efficient and smooth gear engagement in vehicles equipped with the MT82 transmission system.

Understanding the MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder

Function and Importance

The Clutch Slave Cylinder plays a pivotal role in the operation of a manual transmission. It is responsible for engaging and disengaging the clutch, enabling drivers to shift gears smoothly and efficiently. Specifically designed for the MT82 transmission, this slave cylinder is essential for maintaining optimal performance and driver control.

Design and Features

Precision-engineered for the MT82 transmission, our clutch slave cylinder is built to exacting standards. It is designed to provide a perfect fit and reliable operation, ensuring that gear shifts are smooth and consistent. The robust design ensures longevity and resilience, even under demanding driving conditions.

Why Choose Texas DriveTrain Performance’s MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder?

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Our MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder is designed not just to match but to exceed the performance of standard components. It offers enhanced reliability and a smoother driving experience, making it an ideal upgrade for both daily drivers and performance vehicles.

Expert Craftsmanship and Quality Materials

At Texas DriveTrain Performance, we prioritize quality and craftsmanship. Our clutch slave cylinders are made from high-grade materials, ensuring durability and a long service life. This attention to quality means peace of mind for our customers, knowing their vehicle is equipped with components that deliver consistent performance.

Tailored for MT82 Transmission Systems

This clutch slave cylinder is specifically tailored for vehicles equipped with the MT82 transmission. Its compatibility ensures optimal performance and eliminates the common issues associated with mismatched or inferior quality components.

Upgrade Your Vehicle with Confidence

Choosing the MT82 Clutch Slave Cylinder from Texas DriveTrain Performance means investing in your vehicle’s performance and reliability. Enhance your driving experience with a component that delivers precision operation and exceptional quality.

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 6 in


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