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We build all standard transmissions, transfer cases, rear (and front) differentials, select on-vehicle installation work, sales of the products that we use, and machine shop services.

No, we don’t build any type of automatic transmission.

We can give an average cost, best case, and worst case. There is no way to know for sure on the price until the unit is disassembled and inspected. We charge to build your actual transmission. There are some parts that we replace in every build that we do, which are the wear items, such as synchro friction rings, seals and bushings. In addition to this, there are other parts known as non-wear items/hard parts. These parts are only replaced on a case-by-case basis. Normally, because these parts would have received damage from other parts that were damaged or worn out.

This depends on the transmission. Here are a few examples; Tremec T56 6-speed transmission: Best case is $900, worst case $2300, average cost $1500-1800. Ford Mustang MT82: Best case $800, worst case $2200, average cost $1300-1500. Tremec T5 5-speed: best case $700, worst case $1400, average cost $1050. These are just examples/ballpark figures that we typically see. This is to build the transmission with the best parts available, making it just as good, or better than new.

This is because they are usually charging the amount for the worst case to everyone. Or, if it seems the price is on the low side, then they are probably not replacing everything that should be replaced.. So, be weary of deals that seem too good to be true. To us, the above-mentioned marketing strategies are not fair to the customer, so we don’t operate that way.

You can drop off anytime 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. It’s not necessary to call, just come on by and someone will be at the shop during those hours. If you need to drop off before or after those times, just call the day before so we can be sure someone will be there. We can easily make arrangements outside of our normal hours.

Normally its 3-5 business days. Of course, this can vary depending on current workload. In our busier times, it can be up to two weeks. We will never take months to do a transmission build, even when it’s extremely busy.

This depends what you need and what type of vehicle. We do rear differential work on any car or truck. We can pull/install the transmission/clutch on most RWD vehicles that have a manual transmission. This includes the Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, CTSV, GTO, Viper, Challenger, classic cars, and LS-swapped cars. If your vehicle doesn’t isn’t on this list, then just contact us.

No, we do not work on anything except for drivetrain-related components. The furthest we can go outside of this would be to install a rear main seal while we have your transmission out, or to remove headers to access the bellhousing.

This is a “mechanic’s tale” and is not true. It’s wishful thinking at its best. The truth is that 99.9% of the time, it’s not a simple or cheap fix. The T56 transmission is very forgiving, in that it can have many things wrong and yet it’s still hanging on and working for the most part. Also, the wear and tear that these transmissions go through takes it’s toll so gradually that most people don’t really notice how bad it’s getting. So, many times, when the transmission is opened up, we end up finding many more things wrong than anticipated by the customer. In conclusion, a T56 with a grinding gear is likely to end up being a full rebuild, needing a handful of hard parts replaced.

This points to a hydraulic issue. Something is not allowing the clutch to properly disengage. This could be the air in the hydraulic system, a defective master cylinder, slave cylinder, and/or clutch.

Non-synthetic ATF only. This means Dexron I/II/III equivalent, or multipurpose Dex/Merc ATF. As long as it’s NOT synthetic, then it will work. DO NOT use synchromesh, gear oil, or any synthetic fluids whatsoever. If incorrect fluid is used, then the transmission will not last.

Yes, we sell several variations of the T56 transmission. Availability and pricing are limited so please call to check. It’s normally not too much more to get a new TR6060 Magnum unit, and we sell those as well. We also sell Magnums custom built to fit specific applications.