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About - Texas Drivetrain Performance
T56 Rebuild

About Texas Drivetrain Performance

I’ve done just about everything backwards. The business was started in 2003, with no organization, no business account, not incorporated & no kind of plan. It started out as a hobby with me just working on cars that I liked. It quickly evolved into a much bigger clientele and a specialized transmission & gear shop. I always loved doing the tedious jobs that no one else wanted to do. 

Years ago, if a person told me what my business would be today, then there’s no way I would have believed it. We have a crew of 7 people working in 4 distinctive departments (parts sales, transmission remanufacturing, machine shop, and installation shop) all under one roof in an 8500SF building. In the first decade of business, we never had stickers, t-shirts, hats, proper business cards, social media accounts, a proper website, or even a sign on the building. Of course, all of that changed over time.

Professional transmission services

Install Shop

Servicing Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, 4x4s, and many more

Machine Shop

Welding, Milling, Lathe, and more


Rebuilding services offered for any type of differential, front & rear.

performance transmission shop

Within the past several years, with my wife helping with marketing and giving me a push when I needed it, I’m finally getting those things that we should have had a long time ago. I started the machine shop in 2017, moved to a proper location in 2018 in the middle of DFW, expanded parts sales around the same time, then opened the installation shop up in 2019. 

Also, during the past 3-4 years I went from working alone to having 7 people on my team. I can say that I have the best crew ever and couldn’t have accomplished this without them.

About - Texas Drivetrain Performance

Transmission Parts Online

Our goal at Texas Drivetrain Performance is to provide the highest quality and best performing parts available!

About - Texas Drivetrain Performance