TR6060 1-2 Synchro Assembly (Advanced Tooth)


TR6060 1-2 Synchro Assembly (Advanced Tooth)

This is an advanced tooth synchro sleeve which means that it has the same flush engagement teeth on both sides. The engagement tooth design must match the gears in which it goes to.

  • Flush engagement teeth on both sides
  • This sleeve is only used on 1-2 & will not work on 3-4
  • The engagement teeth of the gear must match up to the engagement teeth of this synchro assembly. Please refer to the photos to be certain that this sleeve will work
  • If you have hybrid teeth (advanced on one gear and non-advanced on the other gear)  then you will need the TR6060AHT synchro assembly
  • If you have non-advanced teeth on both of the applicable gears then you will need the TR6060A synchro assembly

Fits all TR6060 units 08-up

Interchanges with TUES10698, TUES11836 and 19260793

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