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MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit


MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit

8 pads total

Fits all 11-17 Ford MT82 units

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MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit: Enhancing Shift Precision and Durability

Texas DriveTrain Performance is proud to offer the MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit, a premium upgrade designed to significantly enhance the shifting mechanism of your MT82 transmission system.

In-Depth Overview of the MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit

Function and Purpose

Shift fork pads play a crucial role in any manual transmission system. They act as a contact point between the shift fork and the gears, facilitating smooth gear changes. The MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit is specifically designed to improve the functionality and longevity of these contact points in the MT82 transmission.

Why Bronze?

Bronze is chosen for its excellent properties of strength, resistance to wear, and its ability to withstand high temperatures. These characteristics make it an ideal material for shift fork pads, especially in high-performance or heavy-duty driving scenarios where the transmission is subject to intense stress.

Benefits of Upgrading to Texas DriveTrain Performance’s Bronze Pad Kit

Enhanced Shifting Experience

Upgrading to our Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit means experiencing a noticeable improvement in shift quality. The bronze pads offer a smoother, more precise gear engagement, making each shift feel more direct and reliable.

Increased Durability

The superior wear resistance of bronze translates to a longer lifespan for your shift fork pads, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance needs. This is particularly beneficial for vehicles that are driven hard or used in competitive scenarios.

Optimized for MT82 Transmissions

Our MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit is specifically tailored for compatibility with the MT82 transmission system. This ensures that the pads fit perfectly, maintaining the integrity and performance of your vehicle’s transmission.

Invest in the Performance of Your Transmission

Choosing the MT82 Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit from Texas DriveTrain Performance is an investment in the quality and performance of your transmission. Enhance your driving experience with an upgrade that delivers in terms of precision, reliability, and durability.

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