Diamond Stage 3 LSX Clutch Kit


Diamond Stage 3 LSX Clutch Kit

Fits all LS-style engines

The Diamond Stage 3 LSX Clutch Kit maintains a fine balance between excellent drivability and brute strength by entertaining nice street manners while being able to take some serious abuse. While the Stage 3 clutch is more aggressive than the Stage 2, it still has the same pedal effort only with a slightly more aggressive disengagement/engagement. This makes it perfect for weekend warriors as well as racers. Upgrade your car’s performance today with this robust clutch kit!

What is included in the Diamond Stage 3 LSX Clutch Kit

  • Heavy duty 12″ pressure plate
  • Ceramic/metallic 10-puck 12” clutch disc
  • Billet chromoly steel flywheel (optional)
  • Slave cylinder w/ throwout bearing (optional)
  • Remote bleeder line (optional)
  • Pilot bearing
  • Alignment tool

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Good for approximately 700 torque

What sets us apart from the competition? We zero-balance every clutch that we sell. This guarantees smooth, vibration-free operation. Check out our Youtube video below, showing the process!

Need Help Deciding?
Weight50 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 10 in

+$0.00 No Flywheel, +$240.00 Billet steel 15lb lightweight chromoly flywheel, +$240.00 Billet steel 23lb stock weight chromoly flywheel

Slave Cylinder / Pilot Bearing

No Slave, 05-up Pilot Bearing, No Slave, 04-down Pilot Bearing, 98-02 fbody +$100.00, 97-04 Corvette +$130.00, 05-13 Corvette +$200.00, 10-up Camaro +$210.00

Add Remote Bleeder Line

+59.00 98-02 Fbody / 04-06 GTO / 97-04 Corvette C5,, +59.00 05-19 Corvette C6/C7, +59.00 10-up Camaro / 04-up CTS-V [V1/V2], +00.00 No bleeder line


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