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LS1 Fbody Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder


Our factory OEM LS1 Fbody Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder is adjustable for extra stroke to make aftermarket clutches work to their full potential

Solve common drivability issues like: 

  • Clutch pedal sticking to the floor
  • Trouble shifting
  • High-RPM shifting issues
  • 1st/Reverse hard to engage

Upgrade to an adjustable clutch master cylinder:

  • The clutch pedal allows for a predictable, continuous engagement point that is easy to modulate
  • Shifts are effortless at any RPM (especially high RPM), even while driving aggressively
  • A correctly disengaging clutch will result in longer clutch and gearbox life

This Clutch Master Cylinder Kit moves more fluid when adjusted longer to compensate for the requirements of aftermarket clutches. You may rest assured that following installation, your left foot will have the fastest shifting, most dependable kit available!

Using an aftermarket clutch?

When using an aftermarket clutch, an adjustable master is required. The adjustability is for the purpose of making the pushrod somewhat longer and therefore increasing stroke. This will allow the slave to move its full travel distance, collapsing the pressure plate accordingly. Aftermarket clutches typically sit lower than factory units and have higher clamp loads.

The adjustable master compensates for this

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Weight0.8 lbs
Dimensions14 × 4 × 4 in


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